Following tests detecting coliform bacteria, the Utah Department of Environmental Quality has issued a Boil Order for homes receiving water from South Duchesne Culinary Water. Residents here have been under a Boil Advisory since November 8th after an illness was reported. Friday’s Boil Order requires SDCW to notify all customers to boil their water before using it for drinking, preparing food or brushing teeth. “We are taking this action to proactively protect the health of the community,” shares DEQ drinking water director Marie Owens. “…We will continue to work with the water system to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.” Samples taken last week confirmed the presence of total coliform bacteria though samples were negative for E. coli. An onsite investigation and additional water sampling took place on Friday, November 22nd. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions concerning Boil Orders is available on DEQ.Utah.Gov. 

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