In the wake of national tragedies targeting police officers in recent days and weeks, locals are adding prayer to the list of ways to support local law enforcement officers. A community wide prayer gathering has been organized to petition God’s help in protecting law enforcement officers. Duchesne County Pastor Dee Cairoli(Kai-Row-Lee) has helped organize the event after a member of his congregation approached him about holding a prayer meeting for local officers. “In just 24 hours we’ve had so many individuals and agencies ask to help and be part of this prayer gathering,” shares Pastor Dee, who says his heart is to pray for peace, protection, unity, strength, and comfort for officers nationwide and even internationally. “We’ve lost officers locally,” Says Pastor Dee. “We know what it is like and we can lift up a unified voice of prayer.” The gathering is basin wide, non political and is cross denominational including support from Baptist, Tribal, and LDS congregations and leadership in Duchesne County as well as others. All are invited to the gathering

this Friday

at the Old Mill Park in Roosevelt at