Local law agencies were recognized on Wednesday for their work in arrests made on human trafficking in Utah. In the special press conference on Wednesday, Attorney General Sean Reyes announced human trafficking arrests and child sex exploitation charges that involved minors inside Utah and crossing state lines. Among the list of agencies specially recognized and praised was the Uintah County Sheriff’s Office and the Vernal Police Department. Speaking of these agencies, Reyes emphasized that these agencies are “the men and women on the front line to investigate and prosecute these cases…they have helped support us shoulder to shoulder…and given manpower and resources to these cases.” Reyes also emphasized that media coverage of the arrests gives a voice to victims and wakes people up to trafficking and child sex exploitation, offering a voice to victims and witnesses so they will come forward and not be afraid. The Attorney General’s words were applicable to the Uintah Basin where news reports of child sexual abuse are on the rise. While this may disturb the public, it indicates that local agencies, including the work of the Internet Crimes Against Children task force, are doing a professional and superior job of finding and prosecuting the abusers, which elicited the Attorney General’s praise.