Tragedy struck over the weekend, according to a report from the Utah Highway Patrol, when a motorcycle crashed trying to avoid a dog. The crash took place on Sunday, August 25th around milepost 26, just 10 miles west of Hanna. A group of motorcyclists were headed from Woodland to Hanna on SR-35 with the speed limit posted at 50 miles per hour. A sheepherder with his two dogs were working to take their sheep to some water. Unfortunately, just as the group of motorcycles were coming to the area one of the dogs ran under the guardrail. It dashed right in front of one of the motorcycles and the rider braked hard. The motorcycle skidded “a significant distance before laying the bike down.” He was not wearing a helmet and suffered severe head trauma. He is in extremely critical condition after being flown to a hospital in Salt Lake County. Utah Highway Patrol understands that protective equipment is not required for motorcycle riders over 21 but would encourage all riders to use such gear whenever riding.