“It’s the scariest thing you’ll ever be proud of.” These words of Steve Puro will make sense to any parent once you hear the story of Puro’s five daughters, all of whom were raised in Roosevelt and graduated from Union High School. The five Puro sisters are the focus of a new article shared on the United States Army website. When Tiara Puro was 17-years-old her father introduced her to the idea of the Utah Army National Guard and, excited about the prospect of help to pay for college, Tiara enlisted in 1999. In 2002, Tambra Puro was a high school senior. While listening to a speech by President George W. Bush on the anniversary of
she felt the call to also enlist with a desire to become a combat medic. Tayva Puro was not initially interested in military service but after learning of a new engineering unit opening in the Utah Air National Guard, she enlisted in 2006. The final Puro sisters are twins Taryn and Ty’lene Puro who graduated from Union High School in 2010. One year later Ty’lene decided to enlist in the Army. Taryn had been considering the Navy since graduation and eventually took the plunge with the Navy ROTC at the University of Nebraska. While their personal lives have progressed, some now married and with children, all five sisters have continued their decorated careers: Tiara in the Air Force, Tambra in the Army Guard, Tayva in the Air Guard, Ty’lene in the Army Guard, and Taryn in the Navy. As you can imagine, the Puros are very proud of their children, a group that father Steve fondly refers to as “Papa’s Patrol.”