Month: December 2020

Uintah Recreation District Director Retires

Today is the final day on the job for a well known member of the community. After 28 and a half years, Uintah Recreation District Director Robin O’Driscoll is ready for retirement. “I have loved my job, absolutely loved it” shares O’Driscoll. “It’s just time to retire and spend some time with my family.”

Naples City New Year’s Fireworks Tonight at Naples City Park

In what has become a fun annual tradition, the Naples City New Year’s Eve Fireworks show is on for tonight! Now in its 4th year, Naples City is gaining a reputation as a fun spot to kick off welcoming in the new year. It's also become tradition to find yourself in Naples on the Pioneer Day holiday every 24th of July.

Ashley Regional Tips on Keeping Stress at Bay

Ashley Regional Medical Center is offering excellent advice on keeping the happy in the holidays and beyond while COVID-19 continues to affect day to day life. “Keeping stress at bay is an essential part of maintaining good mental and physical health and can help keep our immune system running as it should – a goal that is especially important right now,” shares Ashley Regional.

COVID-19 Holiday Safety Tips: After a Gathering

Our final report with COVID-19 holiday safety tips shares ideas of what to do after attending a gathering. If you learn you may have been unknowingly exposed to COVID-19 do the following steps for fourteen days after the event. Make an effort to stay home as much as possible.

New Wayfinding System Signs Going Up Around Uintah County

New wayfinding signage is going up around Uintah County fulfilling plans several years in the making. In 2017, Roger Brooks was invited by local leaders to evaluate the Vernal area and make professional recommendations that could positively benefit local tourism and economic development.

Give’m Health: Celebrating New Year’s Safely

The New Year’s holiday is nearly here and this week’s Give’m Health message is encouraging all to celebrate and travel safely. Vernal PD Officer Shaun Smith visited the Eagle Country KLCY studio with advice for a safe holiday.

Pursuit of Book Cliffs Highway Suspended For Now

On Friday, December 18th the board of the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition decided in a unanimous vote of 6 to 0 to suspend the pursuit of a highway through the Book Cliffs. This project, also known as the Eastern Utah Regional Connection Project, would connect Uintah County to Interstate 70.

Utah State Parks and Recreation Remind Public About Ice Safety

As the weather starts to chill a whole slew of new outdoor activities become a possibility. Many activities include being around or on ice. Utah State Parks and Recreation reminds the public that while playing on the ice is fun it is never 100% safe. Falling through the ice into cold water and freezing temperatures is an extremely dangerous situation.