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Month: July 2020

Wildfire Update for Northeastern Utah

While wildfires have become less frequent than earlier in the month, there are a few locally that crews still have their eye on. According to UtahFireInfo.gov, the Split Fire, which was discovered on June 26th, is just 25 percent contained.

BIA and Lapoint/Tridell Fire Crews Get Quick Handle on Reed Canal Fire

A quick response to the Reed Canal Fire made all the difference with a wildfire on Wednesday afternoon. According to the report from BIA Forestry & Wildland Fire, crews from BIA and Lapoint/Tridell Fire arrived on scene in a matter of minutes to a report of smoke in the Farm Creek area at approximately 2:10pm on Wednesday afternoon.

Hunting Licenses Suspended for 5 Utahns Including Vernal Man

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources takes wildlife-related violations seriously and announced Wednesday that five Utahns have had their hunting licenses suspended in recent hearings including an individual from Uintah County. Each of the individuals had previously been sentenced in district or county justice courts in connection with the violations.

Civil Suit Filed By Parents of 2-Year-Old Killed By Foster Mom

Lisa Jo Vanderlinden pleaded Guilty in the killing of her 2 year-old foster child and received a sentence this week of 1 year in jail, probation, and a $10,000 dollar fine. On July 27th, the natural parents of the 2 year-old boy, Shelby and David Call, filed a civil suit against the Utah Department of Human Services, Utah Division of Child and Family Services, State of Utah, and Lisa Jo and Cody Vanderlinden.

Vernal Man Finding Success in Professional Opera Through Lyrical Opera Theater

A Uintah High graduate is making his mark in the world of professional opera and tomorrow there is an opportunity to check out his big talent. Jesse Toftum started singing in Junior High and enjoyed being part of choir and Hi-Lites with Mr. Merriweather and performing for All-State and Honors Choir, Showtime Uintah, and theatre productions including several with Outlaw Trail Theater.

Vernal Rescue Run 5K TONIGHT for Operation Underground Railroad

People are waking up to the awful reality of child trafficking in the world and tonight there is a local opportunity to help. Operation Underground Railroad is an organization made of former Navy Seals, Special Ops, and homeland security officers, who go into the dark trenches of the world to save kids from sex trafficking.