Month: September 2019

Rest Area West of Vernal to be Decommissioned

Vernal City, in coordination with UDOT and Uintah County, has decided to decommission and remove the rest area west of Vernal. Mayor Hammond comments, “During our budget process, we explored many options to reduce the cost of city government and promote our local businesses. This is a service that was non-essential and we can focus on other priorities within the City.”

Uintah County Treasurer Warns Taxpayers About Fraudulent Letter 11

If you have been one of the Uintah County residents that received a letter from Vesper Properties and do not know what to do, please pay attention. Wendi Long, the Uintah County Treasurer, announced that any taxpayer who has or does receive such a letter needs to know that it is NOT being sent in any official capacity from the Uintah County Treasurer’s office and neither is it a demand for payment.

Strawberry Construction Continues on Highway 40

The construction on U.S. Highway 40 in Strawberry Valley from around Daniel Summit to Soldier Creek is progressing nicely. The project includes a new passing lane but for now traffic will shift, though one lane in each direction will be maintained with occasional pilot car operations.

Duchesne County Master Trail Plans Update

The master trail planning committee in Duchesne County has made great progress in their preparations to improve trails in our community. After receiving great input from the community, they have announced that they will be presenting their 90% draft to Duchesne City on October 21st and Duchesne County Planning and Zoning on November 6th.

Woman Charged in Stabbing; Being Held on No Bail

The woman arrested for stabbing her boyfriend in Vernal on Monday has been officially charged and is being held in Uintah County Jail on no bail. 21-year-old Meikel Kaylee Cameron has been charged in 8th District Court with 2nd Degree Felony Aggravated Assault.

Milk Creek Battle 140th Anniversary Commemoration

The Battle at Milk Creek, that took place near Meeker, Colorado between the Utes and the U.S. Army in 1879, is known as the last and longest of the Indian Wars. The conflict itself is heaped with emotion that could be used to spark anger but that isn’t what Milk Creek Battlefield Park is about.

TriCounty Health Annual Flu Shootout Doubles As Pandemic Exercise

Pandemics may be a common theme in science fiction or dystopian novels but what would happen in the event of a real pandemic or mass outbreak in the Uintah Basin? Well, simply put, TriCounty Health Department and local partners would be in charge of dispensing whatever necessary medication or vaccination to the public.

A New Look For Uintah County Sheriff’s Office Deputies

Deputies with Uintah County Sheriff’s Office have a new look that serves an important purpose. The officers now wear new outer carriers for their bullet-resistant vests. “We understand they may look more ‘tactical’ to some,” shares the Sheriff’s Office. “That is not why we chose these carriers nor is it their primary purpose. Their primary purpose is to take some of the weight of the equipment deputies carry off their hips and distribute it to their shoulders to prevent long-term injuries.”