Month: August 2019

Uinta Basin Railway Panel Speaks at Uintah Basin Energy Summit

A panel of speakers with the most up to date information on the proposed Uinta Basin Railway project kicked off the Uintah Basin Energy Summit on Wednesday. Representatives from Rio Grande Pacific Corporation, the Uinta Basin Railway, and Seven County Infrastructure Coalition made up the panel. The rail is proposed as a public/private partnership sponsored by the 7 County Infrastructure Coalition, privately funded by Drexel Hamilton, and with Rio Grande Pacific Corporation handling the design, operation, and maintenance of the rail.

Be Safe as Utah’s 100 Deadliest Days Wraps Up Over Labor Day Weekend

This weekend wraps up the travel season when fatalities on Utah’s roads practically double on average. “As we approach Labor Day we also conclude the 100 Deadliest Days of the year for travelers in Utah,” shares Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Kellie Oaks. “We would like to wish you a happy Labor Day and encourage you to reduce your speed, increase your following distance, and buckle up as you enjoy your final holiday of the summer.”

Pelican Lake Rebuild Going Well

The reputation for catching bluegill at Pelican Lake was legendary. Sadly that reputation took a hit when a large influx of common carp over took the lake in 2008 and 2009 leading to a sharp decline in bluegill. As a result, the management team and the regional managers made the choice to treat the lake and restore the fishery.

DWR Seeking Input on Bighorn Sheep Unit Management Plans

Some may not realize that bighorn sheep roam some mountain sides in the Basin. The Division of Wildlife Management is asking the public for feedback concerning the statewide bighorn sheep management plan that was approved in November of 2018. Currently there are 4,170 bighorn sheep in Utah but the 18 management plans, 11 for Rocky Mountain bighorn and 7 for desert bighorn, hope to raise that number to 8,875.

U.S. Marshals Ask Utahns to Watch for Escapees Wanted for Murder

The U.S. Marshals are asking Utahns and beyond to keep watch for a pair of escapees wanted for murder in Arizona. On Monday, August 26th, 56-year-old Blane Barksdale and 59-year-old Susan Barksdale were in custody, being transported when they overpowered two security officers while in Blanding, Utah.

2019 Uintah Basin Energy Summit Underway

The subject of energy is a center piece to the economy and life in the Uintah Basin. As such, it is important to keep on top of the updates and insights that are in the industry. To aid in that endeavor the 2019 Uintah Basin Energy Summit is underway hosted by Uintah County Economic Development. The summit will talk about these updates, as well as current projects (including the rail), regulations and policies, and the outlooks moving forward.

Ashley National Forest Planning a Bridge Replacement

For those residents that enjoy heading out to the country for a drive, especially along the Yellowstone Canyon Road (also called Forest Service Road 119), be sure to come up with alternative routes. Ashley National Forest will be replacing the bridge in Yellowstone Canyon due to its age and condition. Yellowstone Canyon Road will be closed at the Bridge Campground on the southwest side of the bridge and on the main road north.

Dinosaur National Park a Main Stop for Alaska Geology Students

Ready for a strange question? What does Dinosaur National Park share in common with Alaska? If you said they are both in the United States that is a correct answer but more interestingly they have shared 16 students. The GeoFORCE Alaska program is a four-year program to help rural students to get involved in careers in science and technical fields, specifically geology.