Month: March 2019

2019 Mr. and Miss Uintah Crowned

It was an excellent night at the Mr. and Miss Uintah competitions at Uintah High School on Wednesday evening. The 2019 Mr. Uintah is Garrett Wilson and the 2019 Miss Uintah is Daicee Smuin. Daicee also won the People’s Choice Award for the night.

Vernal’s Pepsi-Cola Partners With UBTech to Support Students

Vernal’s Pepsi-Cola bottling company has been a supporter of UBTech as a four year sponsor of the school’s annual Foundation Golf Tournament. Pepsi-Cola manager Steve Hansen wanted to do more, however, and last fall the process began to explore a deeper partnership between the organizations. This month, exactly that was accomplished with the signing of an agreement in which Pepsi-Cola will provide $10,000 dollars annually to UBTech, which the UBTech Foundation can use to help students in any of the school’s programs. “Pepsi-Cola bottling company of Vernal plays a large part in our community,” shares UBTech President Aaron Weight. “They are involved in local events, local businesses, and continually support causes in the Uintah Basin. We are delighted to partner with such a wonderful company.” The students who benefit from the annual donation are required to meet certain specifications, including contributing a donation back to the UBTech Foundation within one-year of program completion and employment.

Comic Book Making Class For Teens This Saturday

Uintah County Library is having a comic book convention featuring comics from kids and teenagers from the Basin. To help prepare for the convention, comic book making classes are being offered. Two weeks ago the classes focused on helping younger kids start their comics, with over 100 kids attending. Now it’s time to help the teens that are interested.

Steinaker State Park Having a Night Sky Viewing

Let’s hope for some clear skies. 2019 International Dark Sky week is starting on Sunday March 31st. The event was created in 2003 by high-school student Jennifer Barlow. “I want people to be able to see the wonder of the night sky without the effects of light pollution,” states Barlow. “The universe is our view into our past and our vision into the future. … I want to help preserve its wonder.”

Showalter Ford’s ‘ The Big 50 Truck Show’ A Family Event

It was originally an idea to sell 50 trucks 4 years ago and has become an annual family fun event. Showalter Ford is holding The Big 50 Truck Show, a free event for both vendors and the public. Vendors can come set up a booth and “share their passion for automobiles,” states Showalter Ford in their press release. Families can enjoy numerous activities.

Come Pick A Free Prom Dress From the Prom Dress Drive

For the last few weeks people have been asked to donate old prom dresses for local young ladies going to prom. Well the big day is next month but the time to find a dress is this weekend. The Prom Dress Drive will conclude with the chance for students to come to the Uintah County Heritage Museum and select a free prom dress.

Talent Ready Utah Grant Program Could Benefit Local Industry and Workforce

The Utah Department of Workforce Services has launched another year of a grant program that could benefit Uintah Basin industry and workforce. According to the DWS announcement on Tuesday, the department has allocated $1 million dollars for grants this year in the Talent Ready Utah program. “The purpose of Talent Ready Utah is to build the state’s workforce, ” shares Tami Pyfer, the Governor’s Office education advisor.

High Achieving UBTech Welder A Worthy Example of Work Ethic

A UBTech welder has found success in the world of competitive welding and has an amazing story of work ethic and perseverance. A UBTech press release this week shares the story of Roosevelt’s Jordan Wynn who was a welding student at UBTech back in 2017 when he won gold at the Utah SkillsUSA State Competition and then went on to win the National SkillsUSA bronze. Continuing his pursuit, in January Wynn’s name was announced as one of the top three semi-finalists from the World Trials with a chance to travel to Russia for the World Skills title.

Man Involved in Confrontation With Teens Confirmed Dead

While further details of the investigation have not been released, Vernal PD confirms that the man confronted by a group of teens while “engaged in lewd conduct involving a child” has died. According to Vernal PD, an incident took place on March 20th at 1300 West Main Street. Vernal PD’s investigation determined “that the adult male had been engaging in lewd conduct involving a child, and that he was confronted by several teenagers.

ACLU Lawsuit Over Daggett County Jail Inmate Abuse Scandal

While there have been media reports of possible settlements in the works, the most recent information from the ACLU of Utah on their lawsuit over Daggett County inmate abuse is that the case is being allowed to proceed. A press release from ACLU Utah issued earlier this year states that motions to dismiss the lawsuit were refused by U.S. District Court Judge Dale Kimball allowing the case to proceed to the discovery phase.