Month: February 2019

139 Earthquakes Raise Some Questions

 While Bluffdale, Utah is not in the Uintah Basin, any city in Utah that is having 139 earthquakes over a 12 day period might cause concern. And so it did! The state has been answering many questions concerning earthquakes in an effort to ease and prepare minds.

NASA Photo Book Features Green River’s Bowknot Bend

The planet earth has many different scenic views. None of them can match the view that NASA gets from space. NASA’s Earth Science Division has gathered a selection of photos taken from the satellites that are pointed to earth and compiled them into a book. “The spectacular images in this book remind us of the majestic beauty of our world,” said Lawrence Friedl, program director in NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, Earth Science Division in Washington.

Blanket Donations Spread Kindness in Roosevelt City

The people of Roosevelt City are wearing their hearts on their sleeves and those hearts are beacons of kindness. Here are a few of the stories that we have heard about: Uintah Basin Healthcare received 35 lovingly hand-made blankets.

27th Annual Indoor 3D Archery Shoot This Weekend

An organization that helps many local families is hosting their first event of the year. The 27th Annual Indoor 3D Archery Shoot has a reputation of being one of the best 3D indoor shoots in the western United States with shooters coming primarily from throughout Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming. They also travel from other states and as far as Alaska.

Dinosaur Town Council Subpoenaed by Colorado’s 14th Judicial District Attorney

The Dinosaur Town Council is scheduled to be in Steamboat Springs today testifying before a grand jury about the ongoing investigation into the town’s inner dealings. Clay Thorp of the Craig Daily Press reports that Trustee David Heinrich “confirmed he and at least eight others were served a second round of subpoenas by 14th Judicial District attorneys” and that they were to appear before the grand jury on Thursday.

State of Utah Files Motion to Intervene in Ute Tribe Lawsuit Against United States

The state of Utah has taken a stand in a lawsuit filed by the Ute Tribe against the United States, Department of the Interior, and Secretary Ryan Zinke. Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes filed a motion to intervene in the lawsuit in which the tribe is staking claim to approximately 2 million acres of land in Uintah County. In a press release issued on March 9th, 2018, the Ute Tribe cites the “1880 Act”, which prompted the Ute Tribe’s move from Colorado to northeastern Utah, claiming the United States hasn’t kept their end of the deal.

Roosevelt City Public Works Department Thriving

Working in the public services for the city can be tireless and thankless. Roosevelt City recently gave a shout out to their Public Works Department, sharing a study that compared them to other cities of similar size in Utah. The study helped to put in perspective their hard work and dedication. Roosevelt City Public Works has only six full-time staff members with two part-time laborers that help in the summer.

DWR Offers Cougar Encounter Tips

Many of us have heard the experience of the Colorado man who had to kill a mountain lion with his bare hands. To say such an encounter is uncommon is an understatement. However it is possible to have a run in with a cougar as they have been spotted in towns in Utah, including in the Uintah Basin. What should you do if that happens?

Should you cl…

Should you clean a wound with hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol? The answer is no. The medical field is making continual advancement when it comes to wound care with approximately 6.7 million people affected by chronic wound care. To help meet with the demand, Uintah Basin Healthcare recently had a ribbon cutting for a Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine Center.

Furever Buddy’s Rescue Moving to New Location; Requesting Donations

Furever Buddy’s Rescue has a hope to provide a 1st class adoption center for the Basin. The rescue has been in a facility behind the Roosevelt Animal Shelter for years. Due to its limited space and the deterioration of the building, Furever Buddy’s has announced that they will be moving. As much as the shelter helps the community, shares Furever Buddy’s, it is not a no-kill shelter and they can only house the animals for a short period before they euthanize.