Month: November 2016

Scare at Craig Taco Bell

Diners enjoying a stop at the Taco Bell restaurant in Craig on Monday night had their dinner from over the border interrupted as the restaurant filled with smoke.

New Tax Rates Announced for Utah Employers

The Utah Unemployment Insurance Division announced the 2017 tax rates for Utah employers on Tuesday and thankfully Utah’s steady economy is holding strong. In 2017, 75.8 % of Utah’s established employers will qualify for the minimum contribution rate of 0.2 percent or $66 dollars per employee per year.

Food for Fines and other Ways to Serve

Paying off a library fine can come with the bonus of helping locals in need as Food for Fines at the Uintah County Library is now underway. Every year during the holidays, the library accepts canned goods in lieu of fines that will then be donated to the Ashley Valley Food Pantry. 

Uintah County Flood Control Planning Meeting Gets the Ball Rolling

The preliminary findings of an engineering study focused on Uintah County flood control into the future were presented at a public meeting last night at Western Park. The engineers reviewed a plan developed in 2008 and stated that the information supports using established canals as the most economic solution in handling future flood control. 

Roosevelt City Fire Department Celebrating 100 Years with New Truck

Exciting things are happening at the Roosevelt City Fire Department. After a long wait, the new fire truck is expected to arrive in Roosevelt City this week. Roosevelt City was awarded a $430,000 dollar grant last year from the CIB to be added to the City’s $100,000 dollars reserved for the new fire truck.

Uintah Wrestling Honoring Fallen Officers

What’s happening off the mat is taking the spotlight tonight at the home opener for Ute Wrestling. The team is honoring fallen Utah officers in a meaningful way by not only holding a special ceremony before the dual tonight, but by wearing the names of fallen Utah officers on their jerseys that will stay on all season long. 

Certified Election Results

The State Board of Canvassers officially certified election results on Monday at the State Capital. The final result showed that in Duchesne County a total of 5,508 residents voted for the Trump/Pence ticket compared to 500 for the Clinton/Kaine ticket. In Uintah County, 9,810 residents voted for Trump/Pence compared to 995 that voted for Clinton/Kaine.

Fish Artwork Stolen from Dinosaur National Monument

Unfortunately, Dinosaur National Monument has not been exempt from recent local thievery. Monument staff reported this week that a giant life size painting of a Colorado Pikeminnow fish that was attached to a bench at the Split Mountain Boat Ramp has now gone missing. 

Poacher Fined $11,000 dollars in Moffat County Court

A judgement out of Moffat County will leave poachers thinking twice before hitting the hills for illegal hunting. Last November, Colorado Parks and Wildlife were contacted by a concerned hunter after suspecting a man had illegally shot a trophy 6-by-6 elk in Moffat County. 

Roosevelt West Cove Tank Waterline Project

Work is moving forward as Roosevelt City connects with the newly constructed Victory Pipeline. Earlier this month, Roosevelt City Council approved the bid for construction to connect the City’s water system at the West Cove tank waterline to the Victory Pipeline which supplies water from Starvation Reservoir.